Making unique pictures

Christmas Lights Copyright 2010 John PuettThe theme for this months contest for the Charlotte Photo Meetup group was motion. I had just about decided to not enter this month when I saw this post on adding randomness to your photographs. I was reminded that I have a tendency to take pictures that are more abstract at times. Photos (like this and this) that involve moving the camera. 

That would be perfect, I thought. But what to shoot?

Then I remembered that my small town still has it's Christmas lights up. So, last night I went out and found some cool lights. For some I spun my camera in the air (side axis) making sure to catch it before it landed. (And I was wearing a damn fine strap, but more on that later.) For some, such as the one on this page, it was more of a gentle toss up into the air. The subject this time was the multi-colored lights that were strung one one of the trees next to the old court house. The end result reminded me of Mardi Gras beads. But if you look on my photo stream on Flickr, you can see some that were taken that look almost like fireworks being set off.

Truly unique I think.

And something to ponder when you are looking for inspiration.