Whitewater Falls

I drove up to Whitewater Falls, expecting to take some awesome pictures of one of the most impressive waterfalls in North America. What I came away with is a lesson in photography.

Taking a few lessions from previous outtings, I wanted to go light. I took just my body, the 24-70 lens (I wanted to focus on more wide angle/landscapes), A spare battery and a spare memory card. If you take too much, sometimes you are bogged down and miss amazing images. I also wanted to take some HDR photos, as the light was low.

What I didn't take was a tripod.

I ended up with a bunch of shaky pictures. Only a few were steady enough to turn out well (but I think they turned out very well). And I didn't end up with good enough photos to compile a HDR. And part of my problem was the apperature. I wanted a deep depth of field, so I set the f stop to 20, but that required me to set the shutter speed way too low. Had I a bit more experience, I would have realized that I could have used a larger apperature at the distance I was at. It wouldn't have made a difference in the depth of field, and the picture would have been even sharper.

I also should have left home earlier in the day, as I had to turn back before it got too dark, and that was before I got closer to the falls.  I will go back and I will take better picutres.

So what this means is that instead of a photo outting Saturday, I had a workshop on what not to do when taking photos.

And I am ok with that.