Hi, welcome to my space on the web. I am a photographer living in Dallas, NC. While I am not new to photography, I have recently decided to take up my game a bit and put this page out on the web. My main focus has been portraits of women. I try to take pictures that flatter the person I am shooting. I am comfortable doing both standard portraits and boudoir photos. I have even recently started dabbling in the glamor style. As you can see from the work that I have on display, I am very comfortable in a natural setting.

I started making pictures over 25 years ago when my father bought me an Olympus OM-10.  Very used. But it had a flash and an auto-winder. And I took a lot of pictures. I even worked on the year book staff one year and had some of my pics published. But college came, and the camera stopped working, and I really didn't have the money to fix it. So I took a break.

About 4 years ago, I received another camera, a DSLR. from Canon This time I dove in full bore (well for me and my ADD self). I have spent the days reading books and blogs, listening to podcast and most importantly taking pictures. I have a much greater understanding of what makes a good picture, compositional and technical aspects than I did when I was 15.

My philosophy about photography is to focus on the art, while being mindful of the technical aspects. It is important to remember that the art of photography should always come first. While I have focused my art on photographing people, I also enjoy waterscapes, particularly photographing waterfalls. I've often said that I shoot women when they are in front of my lens and water when they aren't.

My camera of choice is a Canon these days, but I am mindful that it is a tool, not the art itself. Many brands make excellent cameras, the goal is to not loose focus on the end result. Right now I use a 5D MKII, but I started with a Rebel XTI, and I still use it as a backup for bigger events I shoot.

If you want to contact me directly, use the links on the side of the page. And if you wish to hire me to do some photography (or want a print of some of my other shots), feel free to use the same links to ask those questions too.

Please leave a comment, or check out my journal.

I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed making them.