Change Your perspective

This is a definite perspective shift. This is taken at 24MM (on a 24-70mm lens), 1/160th exposure, F 8.0 ISO 200

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted.  And I hate reading blog posts that start like that.  I'll try to work on that, but today I wish to talk about changing your perspective.

If you are tired of the same old looking shots? You are looking for something that is a bit more of a creative challenge? Want something that looks different? Change your perspective.  Get down low, or get up high in the air. Try to look at the scene to get a different look. Consider wearing your camera at waist level and snapping a few pics. Or get on the ground for a worms eye view.

I was shooting my friend from her new website a couple of weeks ago. After I got the safe shots, I asked if she would pose her foot like that (stretching it out). Since she is tall (clocks in at 6 feet), and I used a wide angle lens the perspective shift draws your eye all the way up her let and into her face.  The shadows lend to a bit of mystery.