Portraits of beauty, pride |

This weekend I was able to take part in the Help-Portrait project again. For those of you not familiar with the event, every year thousands of photographers across the country get together to take portraits of people in need. We are joined by volunteers who do make-up and picture editing, along with those who just wish to give. Everyone who poses gets a copy of their picture printed and framed.

The Observer came out and did a great writeup of the event, I was even lucky enough to be seen shooting at this even, and got my picture on their website.  You can read their full article here. While it was fun getting seen there, I liked the fact that the event got such great publicity. Front page of the Observer on the Monday edition isn't bad. Hopefully it will mean better recognition for the group next year.

This is the third year I have helped out, and I find it both fulfilling as I get to see the light in the client's eyes, and I get to learn my craft better. I have seen both my technical and social skills grow with each event.

Image curtsey of @Rae_Images. Used with permission.

Image curtsey of @Rae_Images. Used with permission.