Help Portrait

I have the privilege of working with the Help Portrait project in Charlotte again this year. The group I work with is facilitated with the local Photo Meetup Group. Last year I was an assistant to the photographer, but I got to work with a real professional, Henk Jonker. I learned a lot about how to work with people, pose, and compose my shots. And I made a new friend or two along the way. This year, I will be the photographer, for at least a couple of hours. I am looking forward to the experience, though I have a lot of gear to get ready by Saturday.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Help-Portrait, it is an organization that is focused on bringing the needy portraits of themselves, professionally done, for free. Typically make-up and hair are done as well so the subjects look their best. Sometimes it is the first time they have had a portrait made. Other times, it is something that gives them confidence in them selves to make progress in their lives. Perhaps get a job or get off drugs.

If there is one in your area, I would suggest you join up if you can. It still isn’t too late to volunteer. If you are still in Charlotte, we can use you. Details are at the CPMG Site. If you are reading this after December 10th, well there is always next year.