Broken ETTL

So, Yesterday I spent the afternoon playing with my flash.  I have a very nice 580 EX II. It is suppose to work automagically and create wonderful pictures. Apply just the right amount of light to the scene. Unfortunately the ETTL system that controls that "magic" is a tad out of wack. This means I have to send it off for service.  And at $120, I may not be able to do it for a while. And while I don't have a shoot scheduled right now, I do have a meetup that focuses on strobes I want to attend.  So it will have to stay broken for a while.

But that doesn't mean I am out of luck for flash photography.  I just have to work a tad harder.  I have to set it on manual. Figure out my exact exposure. Perhaps take one or two more shots that I can use to tell if the pic is over or under exposed.  I will need to take more time, slow things down a bit, double check my settings. But it will work out.

And I will become a better photographer because this bit of adversity.