I'm hesitant to shoot weddings

The title pretty much sums it up. While I take some nice portraits, and I have shot some events in the past, I am a bit hesitant to shoot a wedding. A blog post at Lens Rentals pretty much sums up why.  I have neither the gear or the experience I would need to be a credible wedding photographer. For the most part, I tend to shoot people with the gear I have, and I keep the limitations in mind when I shoot. For a wedding, I would want a second body, a good long lens, and probably a second photographer to get the wedding at another angle. But that said, I don't know for sure what I would need.

And you would have to pay me a lot more than I am worth to get me to do it. That said, at some point I will probably act as a second or third (probably unpaid) photographer at a wedding or two in order to get that level of experience. After all, the only way to learn if you can do it is to try and do it.

No photo uploaded today but maybe I will get a couple up tomorrow.

Happy shooting,